The day I met him.

Our first ever conversation was about HIMYM. (nerd alert!)

First, let me explain my state in the year 2012. I was as the age of 25, just started working, slowly living the life of learning to pay my own bills yada and yada. 
Beginning of 2012, I had just went through a horrid breakup with he-who-shall-not-be-named for obvious reasons. So, in January 2012 I made an important resolution (and promised to stand by it!) and a pact to myself that I will/shall not look for any relationships whatsoever that might put myself in jeopardy (heh) and bad state. 
However, me being me, I felt alone and bored so I decided to sign up on this particular social network site just to kill my (non existent) fun life at that time. Along the way, befriended a few people but never did at that time I once fall for any of them. I must say I was quite impressed with myself because knowing me, I was (still am) such a hopeless romantic fool.
Five months down the road, it was my favourite month of the year, May. My birthday celebration in 2012 was normal, nothing extravagant nothing out of the extraordinary. Although something surprising did happen in that month which I shall leave you guys with just this.

heh.heh.heh. (photo credit to Google)

Ok ok back to the main event here. On 30th May 2012, as I was browsing through my messages in my inbox I saw this one Loque_sofyan messaged me. So I expected it would be the normal, hey/hi how are you kinda messages. But nooo I was shocked (a nice shocking feeling) with an opening pick-up line by him which said “hi, which one do u prefer? Ted, Marshall or Barney?”. 
You see, in my profile on that social site I had stated that my current TV show at that time was the oh so famous How I Met Your Mother show. I, for one, did not expect anyone would have read every single detail stated in my profile cause well you know how “thorough” guys can be. Uh-uh sure. So that was his first plus point. 😉
Personally, I was smitten by his different ways of approaching me. It was unexpected, non cliche, and fresh. So from then we started sending emails, moved on to mobile texts and finally after 2 months of cybertexting, I finally found my courage to meet him in person. Here I must give credits to him because he had been very patient to have waited for me considering numerous failed attempts to get me to say yes. LOL. Nevertheless, thank you S. Worth the wait, kan? HAHA.

Our first picture together ie the third date.

So, this is my story on How I Met My Better Half. 
Was it expected? Nope. 
But it sure was a blessing in disguise. 
From that day onwards, I have held on to the saying “Best things happen when you least expect it.”
I know, I might not be the right/best person to say this, but believe in yourself. Things happen for a reason. Trust Him. He knows best. In sha Allah.


Amirah Z.


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